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  • What is the Sharecare Rewards Visa® Prepaid Card?

    The Sharecare Rewards Visa Prepaid Card (Card) is a prepaid card that will have funds loaded according to the loyalty, award, or promotional program sponsor’s rules. Once your Card is activated you can use it to make purchases in person or online, everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. You may not use your Card to withdraw money at any Automated Teller Machine (ATM), Point-of-Sale (POS) device or by any other means. You are only able to spend the amount of money you have available on the Card. The Card is not a credit card. When you activate, and use your Card, you accept and agree to follow all of the rules, and terms and conditions outlined in the Cardholder Agreement available to you online at myaccount.sharecarerewardcard.com.

  • Is the Card like a checking or savings account?

    No, your Card is not a checking or savings account. Your Card is a Prepaid Card.

  • Are there age restrictions on the Card?

    Yes, you must be at least 18 years of age (or older if you reside in a state where the legal adult age is older).

  • Will I need to activate my Card that I receive?

    Yes, follow the instructions on the Card Carrier, or in the Cardholder Agreement to activate your Card. Ways to activate a Card:

  • How do I change and manage my Personal Identification Number (PIN)?

    When you call to activate your Card, you will be prompted to select a PIN. Your PIN is a 4-digit number that you will need in order to use at POS terminals. To obtain or change your PIN via the website visit myaccount.sharecarerewardcard.com under My Account Reset PIN.

    You are responsible for keeping your password and PIN safe and not sharing them with others.

  • What do I do if my Card, or password is lost or stolen?

    Call Customer Service at 866-639-7204 IMMEDIATELY if you think your password, PIN, or your Card has been lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised. There is a fee for replacing a Card, view the Cardholder Agreement in the “Fee Schedule” section for details.

  • How do I keep track of the balance on my Card?

    There are three ways to keep track of your Card balance at no charge:

    • Log in to myaccount.sharecarerewardcard.com to view your transaction history and card balance.
    • Call Customer Service at 866-639-7204, and then listen to the prompts.
    • You can also request a written history of your account transactions by writing to us at our mailing address. Our mailing address is:

      Sharecare Rewards
      PO Box 3480
      Lake Havasu City, AZ 86405
  • How do I add money to my Card?

    You may not add funds to the Card. Only the Program Sponsor may load additional funds to the Card. See the Cardholder Agreement in the “Loading and Using the Card” section, for more details.

  • How do I use my PIN or my Signature for store purchases when I use my Card?

    You can use your Card everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. You can either select “Debit” for PIN transactions or “Credit” for signature transactions.

  • Can I withdraw money using an ATM?

    No. ATM access is not available.

  • Can I get cash back on my Card when I make a purchase?

    No. Cash back is not an option for this Card.

  • Is there any type of transaction I am not able to perform with my Card?

    Please see the Cardholder Agreement at myaccount.sharecarerewardcard.com in the “Loading and Using the Card” section for details.

  • Can I set up recurring payments to a merchant?

    No. Recurring payments are not authorized.

  • Are there daily purchase transaction limits on my Card?

    Yes, please see the Cardholder Agreement in the “Loading and Using the Card” section for details.

  • Can I make Internet, telephone, or mail order purchases?

    Yes, you may use your Card to purchase goods or services over the internet or by telephone. To do so, please make sure to use the valid address information we have on file for your Card, when making these types of purchases to avoid unnecessarily declined transactions.

  • Why was my transaction declined online or over the phone when I had enough funds

    The purchase you made online may have been declined for multiple reasons. The address you provided to the merchant is different than the address we have on file for your Card, the Card number was entered wrong, or funds were not available. Call Customer Service at 866-639-7204 if further assistance is needed.

  • Why was my transaction declined in person?

    The most common reasons a transaction may be declined are:

    • Insufficient funds are available. Please check your funds availability and transaction history.
    • The restaurant or merchant you patronized may have authorized the transaction for 20 percent more than the original purchase price to cover a possible gratuity.
    • You attempted to use your Card at a “Pay at the Pump” gas station and there is a temporary hold of $100.00 on your Card. Please make sure to pre-pay for any gas purchases with the cashier.
    • There is an extended hold placed on your Card from activity at a hotel, car rental, or similar merchant.
  • Can I pay for part of a purchase with my Card and pay for the other part of the purchase
    with another type of payment?

    Some merchants do not allow cardholders to conduct split transactions where you would use your Card as partial payment for goods and services and then pay the remainder of the balance with another form of legal tender. If you wish to conduct a split transaction and it is permitted by the merchant, you must tell the merchant to charge only the exact amount of funds available on your Card. You must then arrange to pay the difference using another payment method. Some merchants may require payment for the remaining balance in cash. If you fail to inform the merchant that you would like to complete a split transaction prior to swiping your Card, your Card may likely be declined.

  • What does it mean when a merchant places a “hold” on my Card?

    When you use your Card to pay for goods or services, some merchants (typically car rental companies and hotels) may authorize the transaction in advance; this places a temporary “hold” on your Card for the amount of the sale or for an additional amount or percentage greater than the sale amount depending on the individual merchant.

    Once the final payment amount is received, the preauthorized amount on hold will be removed. It may take up to seven (7) days for the hold to be removed. During the hold period, you will not have access to the preauthorized amount. If you authorize a transaction and then fail to make the purchase, the approval may result in a hold for that amount of funds for up to thirty (30) days. All transactions relating to car rentals may result in a hold for that amount of funds for up to sixty (60) days. Please note we cannot manually release authorizations or holds without a certified letter or fax from the merchant.

  • Can I use my Card for a reservation at a hotel, other lodging, car rental, or similar purchases?

    Yes, but these companies may authorize, or place a “hold” (as described above) for much more money than the actual cost of the rental car. The reason is that the rental car company or hotel won't know if they need to charge you for additional expenses like gas or room service, car or room damage, or extra days until you return the vehicle or check-out.

    These authorized funds will be held and unavailable for you to spend until the final transaction is posted to your statement. This means that you might not have access to these funds for as long as 30 days. All transactions relating to car rentals may result in a hold for that amount of funds for up to sixty (60) days. To avoid problems first call the company and ask them what their policy is regarding the use of prepaid cards. We will only charge your Card for the correct amount of the final transaction and will release the hold on any excess amount when the transaction finally settles.

  • How do I use my Card at restaurants and other businesses that accept “tips”?

    These merchants typically place holds for the amount of the bill plus a percentage (usually 20 percent) for the tip or gratuity. If the amount of the requested hold exceeds the amount of money stored on your Card, the transaction may be declined. After the final transaction settles any excess holds will be removed from your Card.

  • Can I buy gas with my Card?

    Yes, but when you use your Card at a gas station, be sure to pre-pay with the cashier inside before you fill up and tell the cashier the exact amount of gas you wish to purchase with your Card Do not swipe your card at the pump or you may incur a hold of up to $100.00. We recommend that you always pay the cashier first for the amount of gas you wish to purchase.

  • If I am not satisfied with a purchase I made with my Card, may I return the purchase?

    All purchases you make with your Card are subject to the merchant’s return policies. If you are entitled to a refund for any reason, it may be made as a “credit” to your Card or you may receive cash. The amount of the refund credit may not be available to you right away, you may have to wait up to five business days from the date of the refund to make sure the amount of the credit has cleared and is available to you to spend.

  • Will my Card ever expire?

    Yes, please see the Cardholder Agreement in the “Card Expiration and Replacement” section for details. Also, see the date printed on the front of the card.

  • Can I cancel my Card?

    Yes. You may cancel your Card by calling Customer Service at 866-639-7204. You will forfeit any remaining balance on your Card.

  • Can you cancel my Card?

    Yes, we reserve the right to cancel your Card if you have not used your Card before the expiration date.

    We may also cancel your Card under the following conditions:

    • If you violate any of the card rules, terms and conditions set forth in the Cardholder Agreement, as may be amended from time-to-time.
    • If we believe there is fraud or security risks connected to your Card.
    • If you decide you do not want to have all card information and notices sent electronically.
    • For any other reason allowed by law.
  • Will I be charged any fees for using my Card?

    Please see the Cardholder Agreement in the “Fee Schedule” section for details at myaccount.sharecarerewardcard.com.

  • How do I report a discrepancy on my Card?

    Telephone us at the Customer Service Number as soon as you can if you think a discrepancy has occurred on your Card account. You must contact us no later than sixty (60) calendar days after the transaction(s) is posted to the Card Account. You may request a written history of your transactions at any time by calling us at 866-639-7204 or writing us at:

    Sharecare Rewards
    PO Box 3480
    Lake Havasu City, AZ 86405

    You will need to include in the written letter:

    Your name and Card account number. Describe the discrepancy or transaction that you are unsure about and explain as clearly as possible why you believe that it is a discrepancy or why you need more information. The dollar amount involved and approximately when the discrepancy took place. Investigating discrepancies takes time, and if it is determined that there was a discrepancy on your account, we will correct the discrepancy promptly and credit the Card Account.

  • How do I get answers to my questions that are not answered in this FAQ?

    We know from time to time you may have additional questions. You may email a question to us from the “Contact Us” page at myaccount.sharecarerewardcard.com or call Customer Service at 866-639-7204.

Do not provide Personal Identifiable information in your message, such as the full card number.